Softie Served - Cristal Trujillo

(I’m the one in the white jacket, Mia Mc Call is my lovely model in all of them.)

"'Softie Served' was based off of some frustration I had towards situations at the time. I’m not very good at expressing anger, which you can ask any of my friends in case you’d like confirmation, and I am very passive. I am terrified of causing problems and I suck at confrontations, so on Valentine’s Day of 2016, I decided to let some of that steam out. I started thinking about all of the qualities I’d liked in someone and how surreal everything with them had been. After a while of stirring up all these weird emotions, I began to draw the “imperfectly perfect” person. Hearty Boy. Thus, “Softie Served” was born. He basically represented a person who wasn’t so “ideal” that they were unattainable. Hearty Boy is totally attainable because he values all of what you are. And after that, I kept on creating either scenes that were playing out in my head or little characters based on people in my life.

I love playing around with different kinds of shapes and colors. I’ve always been a very big 80’s fan and admire the music and art very much, so you can see me incorporating a lot of it into my art. My digital imaging teacher, Ms. Yugovich (who totally rocks your socks), has given me all of the support I’ve needed as well as helping me out with my t-shirt printing. Through her, I’ve been learning all of the great sorcery and witch-craft that comes with using Photoshop. I usually have a hard time picking up on things like playing instruments, or playing sports, but digital imaging comes to me with ease. I hope to continue creating more exciting and vibrant designs as well as trying to keep up a little better with the t-shirts. If you like creating stuff, I recommend you keep doing it. Photoshop forever. <3 "– Cristal Trujillo, 17

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