10 Questions with Hellbound

1. What made you want to start your own clothing brand?

I have always been fascinated with giving my old clothes new life. Back in, oh god (*feeling so old*) 2005 I would cut up all of my band tees, make them into tube tops, tank tops etc. I never could afford to go out and buy the "trendy" things everyone else did. After years of making things for friends, distressing and cutting up their clothes I figured I might as well start a company and make some money for doing it!


2. What was the inspiration behind Hellbound and its brand name?

Western biker babe riding on the back of her sexy man's bike in the 70's. Hahah, but seriously. The brand name was just one of those light bulb kind of ideas. I was lounging at my boyfriend’s house listening to music and it just hit me.


3. When did you start your shop?

I started my Etsy shop in January. Depop is the newest platform for me. I just opened it a couple months ago.


4. Are all of the clothes you sell handmade? Thrifted?

Most are handmade. Some of the others are thrifted. It just depends on where I can find the best deal and the coolest shit. I like to go to garage sales and antique stores. When I’m lying in bed I’m always on EBay. It’s all about the hunt for me. It’s a thrill. Rummaging through stuff, hoping I find something rad. Its hit and miss but that's why it’s exciting. My closet on the other hand is completely thrifted.


5. What are your fashion icons/style inspirations?

Oh god there are so many...but I’ll narrow it down. I find tons of inspiration in the 70's and 80's. I take inspo from guys (mostly) from my favorite old films because they have phenomenal taste in clothing. For example, all of the bad ass vampires from The Lost Boys. Leather jackets, cool sunglasses and boots. They just exude style. I just make the girl version of their outfits. Also, music is a big inspiration. I incorporate a little bit of each of the genres I listen to in my personal style. Young Cher, obviously. Old biker dude shirts that say nasty and offensive shit on them really inspire me.


6. If you could have the wardrobe of any movie character who would it be?

Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C. for obvious reasons. Also like I said before The Lost Boys and Johnny Depp in Crybaby.


7. Are you thinking of expanding your shop in the future?

Absolutely! I’m currently learning how to sew so I can start making things like shorts and pants. My ultimate goal is to be able to construct all kinds of cool stuff and share it with all of you!


8. Is fashion just a side hobby or are you thinking or pursuing a living out of it?

I don't even consider it a hobby. It’s more of a full time job! I spend countless hours working on graphics, and looking for new things to add to the shop. I'm definitely working so hard to make this a career! I have always dreamed of being my own boss and doing something I truly love.


9. Any tips on how to distress clothes like the ones you sell on Hellbound?

You can use razor blades to make small cuts in shirts. Usually any thin shirt works best for distressing. But the best way is to wear the hell out of the shirt and it will naturally become distressed.

10. What is your most prized possession (clothing-wise)?

My Leather Jacket. Hands down. It’s the most important article of clothing I have and can never be replaced. I have all of my favorite lapel pins on it and patches too! That thing has been through hell and back. It’s seen the bad times and good. I would die if anything happened to it.


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