Queen of Wands- Chardonay Thomas

My days fly by like a hummingbird.

Catch me time travelling through words; an epic.

I often smell of ink and lavender--when I write to feel better.

Other times, frankincense and overheating cell phones.

It gets lonely in a city where the best friend you’ve made is a stranger’s dog.

My headphones are in my ears most of the time, to block out the confusion.

Dead artists give me advice throughout the day, leading my soul to where it grows.


I think poetry more than I write it;

there’s a rhythm in my head that I crave to find the right words for.

It is- the sound of marching and begging for freedom that doesn’t come

It is- protesting peacefully when justice is avoided

It is- breaking windows and shooting back at unfit police officers.


One day, I will love like the trees

Who blossom every spring

And do not shed tears for the leaves that leave.

I will build like the birds working on their nests

That can be abandoned or destroyed without notice.


Eyedea still tells me to walk, and the rest will follow.

But When I look up to the sky tonight, I will see red fog

Not stars, that sing the truth of what I am and who you are.


This new sky is a reminder of the chains I cannot escape.

It doesn’t matter if your chains are 10 feet or 100 feet.

The fact remains the same; I’m still bound by chains.

And with this new distance I will change.

A phoenix that burns itself alive

Reborn from the ashes.