An inside look at Vinyl Alley//Voodoo Vinyl

In the entire valley we’ve survived with only one record shop, but these kids running Voodoo Vinyl have a deeper –stranger, if you will- investment in music. They’re the music shop we’ve been craving for.  

I got to sit down with Dante and Kiana, the masterminds behind the project. They came from Santa Clarita to our lovely desert town to open up Voodoo Vinyl. They had a lot of help from Dante’s families to other record owners that gave them helpful advice, such as the owners of Los Angeles Permanent Records and Gnar Burger.

Despite the fact that I only spoke with Dante and Kiana (two young lovers), they aren’t the only ones that run the store. It’s actually a family business, Dante’s family to be exact. His father Greg and Greg’s parents. So three generations of music lovers have come together to create this delightful place.

I asked them the relevance of owning and listening to vinyl to which they gave me many answers; the quality of the sound, the importance of owning physical copies of records that you love, how records have more character, and my favorite answer ‘for the aesthetic’.

DSC_0359 (2).jpg

Aside from all that though they are actually much more than a just a vinyl shop. They sell a lot of neat things such as comic books, incense, Kiana’s personal art, instruments (mostly guitars), retro horror movies on VHS, and much more.  

After hearing about all these items I was intrigued to ask what they felt was their most prized possession. They both had different answers.

“… for me it’s like my art, but like that’s just a personal thing,” Kianna replied.

And Dante’s prized item was his favorite guitar which he had sold just the day before.

    “Yeah it just broke my heart,” he said glumly.

They’re planning on having shows at the shop and selling work from other artist in the future. Their main purpose, I feel at least, is that they want to expose people to all kinds of great and different music that they may have not come across on their own.

    “…a lot of people will come in and scoff at the idea of having a record store – like in our faces,” Dante notes in disapproval.

    “But we’re just like whatever,” Kiana shrugs carelessly.

After words they pulled out a record with a really morbid looking album cover. Dante popped it onto the record player and to my amusement it sounded good. Within a matter of seconds they’d done they’re job.

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